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The DMF Lab is researching and creating the tools and technologies of tomorrow that will provide the game changing capability necessary to design, manufacture, operate and dispose of the next generation products and machines.


  • Ben Hicks

    Ben Hicks


  • Aydin Nassehi

    Aydin Nassehi


  • Michael Patterson

    Michael Patterson

    Senior Lecturer

  • Chris Snider

    Chris Snider


  • Jason Yon

    Jason Yon


  • David Jones

    David Jones

    Research Engineer

  • Owen Freeman Gebler

    Owen Freeman Gebler

    Research Engineer

  • Mark Goudswaard

    Mark Goudswaard

    Research Engineer

  • David Mathias

    David Mathias

    Research Engineer

  • Peter Rosso

    Peter Rosso

    Research Engineer

  • Andrew Ma

    Andrew Ma

    Research Engineer

  • Haihong Li

    Haihong Li

    Visiting Research Fellow

  • Yingxin Ye

    Yingxin Ye

    Visiting Postgraduate

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Recent Posts

  • Flexible, Reusable & Modular Prototypes

    Using physical objects when prototyping has enormous benefits and affords tangibility and presence that are lacking from digital files. However creating prototypes takes time and money, this project is investigating how construction kits and additive manufacture can be combined to add flexibility and reconfigurability into this process. Project Lead: David Mathias

  • Democratising Design for Additive Manufacture

    3D printing has the potential to revolutionise the way we consume goods. The technology should be able to facilitate low-cost, personal manufacture but complex design software and a lack technical knowledge prevent this from happening. Without the ability to generate or amend digital models it is impossible to reap the benefits offered by 3D printing. […]

  • The New DMF Lab Website

    Welcome to the new Design and Manufacturing Futures Lab website.